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3 IPL PHOTO FACIALS $150 savings $210

6 IPL PHOTO FACIALS $300 savings $420

9 IPL PHOTO FACIALS $450 savings $630



Looking for a med spa in Phoenix? You are in the right place! Welcome to our spa services page. Do you want to turn back the clock and return to young healthy skin? Great! Our friendly staff will make you a custom treatment plan so we can reach your goals! Are you having a hard time losing weight? We have the perfect weight loss program for you! Ready to get rid of that tattoo? We got you covered! Our treatments can help you from Acne to Wrinkles. From Weight Loss to Body Contouring. From Hair Loss to Hair Removal. Our med spa services work and they are affordable. Enjoy pain-free treatments, with little to no downtime and long-lasting results.


Thank you for spending some time with us. We hope you find what you are looking for! Give us a call at (602) 761-2036 to book a consult today.



The staff was very friendly and informative. It was my first microneedling so I was nervous but they talked me through everything and were very supportive. Didn't hurt a bit. I did feel the aesthetician was very thorough. She went over areas of my face multiple times which was nice. It's still too early to see results but I was pleased with the service thus far.




My results have been AMAZING! I did not imagine my results would have been this great. The team customized a whole treatment for me that addressed every single need I had. They were able to adapt and tailor the treatments to maximize the results. The staff is always friendly and genuinely care about their patients! I absolutely love it here and recommended to everyone!

Gerardo Rodriguez

May 02, 2019



I can not thank the staff enough for everything!! They answered every question I had and were so informative about everything. I felt very comfortable and they were so friendly! We had great conversation, not just a quiet room. The best part was that they actually cared about my results and got just as excited about them as I was. That shows how much care and time they put in and I am so grateful. Big shout out to Margaret for really taking care of me! I 1000% recommend Luminosa Medical Spa!

Breanna jones

Frb 28, 2019