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Medical Weight Loss Program In Phoenix, Arizona At Luminosa Medical Spa

Having Trouble losing weight? Losing weight can be difficult due to diet or exercise. We are the valley’s trusted medical weight control clinic. Luminosa Medical Spas’ medical weight loss clinic in Arizona is Doctor Supervised. Let our 20 years of AZ weight loss professionals help. Luminosa patients have had great results because we care about our patients. As a result we have a high success rate and returning patients. Simply stop in! We are a walk-in weight loss clinic on Wednesday between 1pm and 4:30pm. No need to make an appointment. Don’t wait to lose weight. Book your consultation today!

Weight Loss Non-surgical treatments, which can include medication and behavior modification.
  • Luminosa Medical Spa has trained AZ medical weight control professionals
  • Weight loss professionals with over 20 years’ experience.
  • Our weight loss programs are affordable.
  • Payments are month to month with no contracts.
  • Non-surgical treatments, which can include medication and behavior modification.

Once year, we are told to eat a low-fat diet.

The next year we’re told to avoid carbs. Today, some new supplement is being touted. Tomorrow, it seems like there will be a new exercise craze. As a result it can be overwhelming. You are not alone! if you are confused by it all don’t worry because Luminosa Med Spa is here to help! Let the experts at Luminosa Medical Spas help you navigate this ever-changing maze. So you can be slimmer, healthier and most of all happy.

Dr. Patterson

What to Expect During Medical Weight Loss Consultations?

  • First a complete medical history is obtained.
  • Second an evaluation is made regarding possible medical conditions that may cause weight gain or inhibit weight loss.
  • Third an initial biometrics of weight, BMI (body mass index), percent body fat, muscle mass.
  • in addition a caloric intake, body measurements, blood pressure and pulse are taken.
  • Furthermore these measurements are tracked at each visit.
  • Finally a written plan at the conclusion of the consultation.
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Medical Weight Control Clinic Benefits

  • Achieve your weight goals quickly and safely.
  • FAST and proven system that works to help you lose weight.
  • Stop over eating.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Arizona Diet program
  • FDA medications. #1 for Phoenix weight loss pills
  • Pharmaceutical-grade supplements like B-12
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How Does Medical Weight Loss Programs Work?

Several topics will be addressed to aid in you in losing weight.

  • exercise
  • meal planning
  • preparation
  • the glycemic index
  • how to get family and friends involved in your success.
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Other Weight and Body Shaping Techniques

medical weight control clinic in phoenix Arizona

Medical Weight Loss Results

  • Lose 50% more weight than trying to do it on your own.
  • expect about a 3% weight loss each month.
  • realistic expectations

*Results May Vary*