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Eye Perfect


Eyes are not only the windows of the soul, they are the most expressive features of the face. One’s mood, attentiveness, intention, state of rest, even intelligence can often be conveyed with just one glance. Dark circles, red, puffy, sagging or baggy eyes are compliments to no one, and add years to one’s visible age. Venus Skin Eye Perfect Serum contains multiple actives that firm and moisturize skin, lighten dark circles to minimize the obvious signs of aging. This powerful combination of antioxidants and botanicals make eyes appear brighter, fresher, younger and more attractive.

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Contains multiple actives that firm, and moisturize the skin, lighten dark circles, and minimize the visible signs of aging. Cucumber fruit extract is a powerful anti-oxidant. Glycerin and Methyl glucoside enhance collagen and elastin synthesis. Tremella fuciformis, aloe vera, oat, and Pro-Vitamne B5 for hydration. Azulene acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Vitamin K1 to reduce irritation and vascular discoloration. Sesame protein to promote skin tightening.

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Dimensions 3.2 x 2.1 x 13.2 in


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